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Layering Notes, also known as Single Notes, allow you to alter your scents to match your mood or the seasons, to take advantage of subtle skin chemistry changes, or to dabble with the olfactory arts of niche perfumery. The simplicity of single notes are distinctive in and of themselves for stand alone.

They’re an easy way to customize your favorite scents and make them uniquely and unforgettably yours.... or can help rekindle a romance with perfume you once loved but are getting a little bored with.

Alkemia’s collection of key note accords is curated to create a palette of intriguing possibilities and unusual combinations that entice you to play with the possibilities of your existing perfume collection.  Please choose scent from dropdown menu.

Aldehydes (Aldehydes)

Think of it as adding champagne bubbles/carbonation/sparkly notes to any scent. Very airy and effervescent, it will make scents 'pop.' A little linen/cottony. Best layering friends are greens, herbals, citrus, and aquatics. Not a stand alone. A wonderful addition to any collection.

Ceylon Tea

Although this one works well on it's own, it plays well with others too, mostly fruit and herbal blends. With fruit scents, it takes down the sugar, so more of the fresh fruitiness comes out. It will ground and lightly sweeten herbal blends. Add it to anything with bergamot, and you get a nice twist of Earl Grey tea. It makes a refreshing summer scent.

Chocolat Noir (Chocolate) NEW!

This is dark, but not quite bitter, chocolate. Think 70% cacao from a good chocolate maker. It's a good standalone, but will both sweeten and darken anything with which it's layered. For chocolate/gourmand lovers. Works best with berries, woods, patchouli, resins, some incenses (experiment), vanillas, anything spiced! and ambers.

Cuir (Leather)

This dampens the sweetness in anything. It also sexes up florals and incenses. Women use it to make anything in their fragrance wardrobe that's too frou-frou girly into something more bad-ass. Does not play well with aquatics.

p.s. What kind of leather, you ask? Think top grain black leather. New riding boots as opposed to worn saddle.

Earl Grey Tea NEW!

Italian bergamot orange peel, wild bergamot mint, assorted black teas, and a drop of Meyer lemon. Bergamot orange isn't the OJ type, but a unique and distinctive note that makes a fabulous standalone - clean, simple, fresh, perfect for summer days. Can be layered with most aquatics, light musks and woods, and herbal scents (especially lavender). In aromatherapy, bergamot is used to soothe nerves, uplift the spirit, bring brightness to the mind, and ease stress. A few drops in the bath is a glorious thing.

Encens (Incense)

Q: Will Encens make me smell like I just went to Mass? A: Not quite... more like ashram. ;) This one works especially well layered with patchouli-based scents, incense resins, ambers, vanillas, leathers, and woods. A good stand alone perfume, as well as a room scent, especially for those who can't burn incense - e.g. dorm dwellers, asthma sufferers, etc.

Fumee (Smoke)

This is strong, so a light hand is advised. It will add a distinct campfire element to coniferous scents, woods, vanillas, and strong florals. Not for solo wear.

Miel (Honey) NEW!

A very distinct honey note with light beeswax in the background. Very sweet and sugary. This makes a nice linear standalone for those with gourmand tastes. Best layering friends are green elements, light florals, musks, dry incense resins, vanillas, and woods. 

Musc d'Egypte (Egyptian musk) 

Limited Edition

Like all light musks, this is subtle. It's best layered with light florals and aquatics. Works well as a stand alone, too. This is a good choice for folks who want something understated and/or need to be in environments where bold perfume is a no-no (hospitals or nursing homes, schools, gym, etc.). Because it wears close to the skin it's also good for hot weather when heavier scents can get cloying. 

Rose Rouge (Rose)

This ain't yer grandma's rose – unless grandma had a successful sideline as a high end lap dancer. This is dark, deep red and seriously vampy. She's almost a better stand alone than a layerer because she is not a subtle lady. When she does get laid.... er, layered… incense resins, patchoulis, woods, and musks are her best friends. Not a good rose for folks who favor dainty, ladylike florals.

Terrae (Dirt)

This is the 'fresh out of the garden' variety, in case you wondered. It takes down the saccarine qualities of overly sweet and floral scents and makes anything with cacao or patchouli richer and deeper. Terrae loves fern and mossy perfumes and will make them smell more authentic to nature. Try burning it in a vaporizer to take a mini mental vacation in the country. It can be worn alone by the unconventional - it's the ultimate anti-perfume!


What buyers are saying:

I LOVE the layering notes. I got Tea, Honey, Dirt, and Incense, and they are so fun to experiment with and even to wear on their own. Excellent idea!

Musc d'Egypt, to me is the perfect, beautiful musk.

Musc d'Egypt is possibly one of the softest, most addictive scents I've ever smelled. Holy cow... I'm getting a couple full sized bottles of this, pronto.

I adore this [Earl Grey Tea]. It's now in my purse for anytime application.

Actual Earl Grey tea smell, so glad there's not a hint of sour milk!

This scent is pure smoky wood deliciousness! [Fumee]

Lovely and a little spicy, will be fun to experiment with! [Miel]

How can you not love the smell of freshly dug earth. [Terrae]

Wow smells just like clean, fresh leather. I got this for my husband and he loves it as layer and he also put a little throughout the house and it smells so good everytime I walking the house! [Cuir]

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