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6-12-16: New from Alkemia Perfumes:

Bacchante: High bush blueberries, wild ivy, Spanish lavender, aged oakmoss, tonka, decaying bark, forest fungi

Douceur de Vivre: Antillian sugar cane, flowering ginger, hibiscus, white amber, green fig, fresh coconut water, white rum

Ensorcelant: Luscious ripe raspberries, jasmine sambac, patchouli, sensuous caramel, draped over an ancient formulation of aphrodisiac incense

Falling Stars at Summer Solstice: The scent of wheat fields, new grasses, tilled earth & stones slowly cooling. A blend of saint johnswort, vervain, hawthorn, rowan leaves  

Invitation to the Moon: A delicate lunafaction of lemon, neroli, and pear blossoms, white tree peony, night blooming water lilies, riceflower, jasmine sambac, night gladiolus, flowering coriander, grey amber, white patchouli

Kamarasa: A golden ecstasy of honeyed amber, fresh young coconut cream & a kiss of fig

Porta Alchemica: Italian campari, myrtle-leaved orange, cascarilla, red currants, cypress, neroli, olive blossoms, bay, tonka, caramello, hay, violet leaf, tobacco leaf, white rose, patchouli, dry amber4-20-16: In stock now from Villainess:

All Pig (No BlanketSoap: Bacon & hot cakes, peach jam & caramel, with a hint of flannel sheets

Dentition Revisited Soap: Orange peel, lime juice & juniper. A grapefruitier version

Glasswings Soap: Sheer peach blossoms, salt water, matcha leaf soaked in amber & pulled taffy

High Maintenance Soap: Bitter chocolate, chilies, Valencia oranges, sweetened with tobacco & bourbon

Siesta Del Gato Soap: Buttercreamed peaches, cumin & citrus, drenched in midday heat. 

Waterbed Romance Soap: Bonfire & beer, tobacco & 3 kinds of (ahem) smoke. Love potion perfume & strawberry lip gloss

Retired extrait perfumes reappearing briefly: Bathory, Chloroform, Datura, Jade & Killer Beez

And Posh Brats exclusive extraits Posh: Dragon's blood resin, white peach & pomegranate with plumeria, spiced with sarsaparilla and Brats: Ribbon candy spliced with butterscotch, salted caramels & a resinous melange of sticky sweets 1-9-15: Winter seasonal offerings from Alkemia:

Angel's Kitchen: A heavenly blend of baked delights... sugar cookies with intricate frosting, stained glass sugar & fluffy divinity candy.

Cidre d' Automne: Freshly pressed fall apples blended with subtle autumnal spices.

Epicée Bohème: Iron cured Ceylon cinnamon, coriander & green cardamom, pink peppercorns, black Russian tea leaves, ambar styraciflua, wood smoked amber, tabac leaf, guaiac wood, oppononax & a touch of vetiver.

Falling Stars on Winter Solstice: Aromatic balsam needles, a dab of dark musk, sweet myrrh, incense resins, melted snow, & a touch of smoke.

Fumé Oud à la Vanille: Crushed tonka beans, woodsmoked amber & bourbon vanilla aged with oud wood.

Mistress of Misrule: Flirtatious black currant & an intoxicating blend of opium drenched resins.

Philtre d'Amour No. 6: Aged golden ambers, Bourbon vanilla & crushed tonka beans infused with late summer honey.

Pumpkin Strumpet: Rich pumpkin, caramelized sugar, Madagascar vanilla, with a swirl of cinnamon, ginger, clove & a drop of amber musk.

Sol Invictus: A specially aged blend of fine frankincenses with a slightly woody, golden trio of ambers.

Woods on a Snowy Evening: Freshly fallen snow, juniper berries, hemlock & white needle balsam pines, cedar, camphorous evergreens & icy aquatics.

Yule Rose: A mystical alchemy of precious roses, balsam fir, luminous frankincense & night-dark myrrh.

Yuletide Blessing (special pricing): Bayberry for wealth, evergreen for health, cedar for protection, cinnamon for luck, bay for wisdom, cloves for friendship, cranberry for peace, frankincense for gratitude, myrrh for material abundance & spiced citrus for a loving, happy home.

Also, please welcome our newest vendor, Alpenglow, based in Alaska, and remember, $100+ domestic orders ship FREE!

12-11-15: Just in from Villainess:

Dulces en Fuego (Holiday): NEW! A Limited Edition scent, with bits of "white chocolate" soap

Eatable Pillow: Gossamer-light marshmallows, grounded by sweet amber & drizzled with bright lavender syrup

Mall Santa: Cinnamon buns & cream cheese frosting, underscored with cheap whiskey, tobacco stains, toffee candies & delicious filthy lucre

Mudslide SMASHED: A filthy mix of coffee grounds & vetyver, hazelnut, sweet graham & rich cream spliced with creamy pumpkin pie with cinnamon, nutmeg & cloves. It's a stiff cup of dark coffee & pumpkin pie!

Santa's Revenge: NEW! An abomination of chocolate & hazelnut with notes of toasted coconut and buttercream. 


Available now for preorder from Villainess:

Ambrosia: Whipped topping spiked with pineapple, coconut & pecans, studded with marshmallow. Soap

Fireleaf: An autumnal brush pile - sere leaves, earthen decay & a summer’s worth of shredded grass – lit with smoke & flame. Soap/ Fragrance

Gingerleaf: Bourbon spiked with candied ginger layered over an autumnal brush pile; sere leaves, earthen decay & a summer’s worth of shredded grass. Fragrance/ Soap/ Smooch/ Whipped

Honeyleaf: Wildflower honey, blackberry, neroli & lavender, layered over an autumnal brush pile; sere leaves, earthen decay & a summer’s worth of shredded grass. Fragrance/ Soap/ Smooch/ Whipped

Saltleaf: Chill salt water, tea leaves, taffy, sand & waterlogged woods layered over an autumnal brush pile; sere leaves, earthen decay & a summer’s worth of shredded grass. Soap/ Fragrance

9-11-15: New releases from Alkemia Perfumes!

Absinthe & Laudanum in the Afternoon: An intemperate intoxication of galbanum, laudanum accord, tonka bean, vetivert root and narcotic wormwood swooning into an euphoric delirium of opium poppy, poet's jasmine & French lavender.

Deus ex Machina: Fire hardened steel, rusted iron, motor oil, wet cement, burnt copper wires, and grey amber.

Kintsukori: A radiant illumination of Japanese musk, regal white amber, calming white floral aldehydes, delicate Kyoto roses, yuzu, Asian pear, water lotus & silk tree flowers.

La Belle Sorcière: A smouldering mystery of bakhoor incense, wild berries, narcotic champa flower, white moss, sweet agarwood, orange blossom honey, spiced wine, oppononax & Egyptian kyphi

Ofrenda: A collection of Mayan offerings - calendula and lemon blossoms, nutmeg, copal incense, star jasmine, smokey amber, vanilla orchid, aquamiel de agave, a salt rimmed shot of mezcal, stonecrushed raw cacao & cardamom infused musk.

Raven (The): Ebony heartwood, black amber, piper nigrum, blackseed, black Bengal cardamom, black ink, black coriander, black iris, violet leaves & leather.

Villainess’ latest release, in stock July 15:

Black Citrus: Crisp grapefruit, bright mandarin & tart lime blackened with vanilla, coconut & patchouli. Soap/Smack/Smooch/Whipped

Grenade: Lemon-lime soda sweetened with grenadine & a maraschino cherry. Inspired by a Shirley Temple. Soap

Quick or Dead?  Sarsaparilla & sweetgrass, worn saddle leather, tobacco smoke & spicy lime cologne. Perfume Oil/Cheap Shot Glasses/Smack/Soap/Smooch/Whipped

Sidewalk: Hot concrete drenched in sunshowers. Summer melons, limeades & fresh-cut grass. Soap/Smooch/Whipped


Trauma: Ripe peaches with dragon’s blood, against a sweet skin-scent of Egyptian musk, amber & myrrh. Perfume Extrait/Soap/Smooch/Whipped

7-1-15: Sixteen92's new summer series fragrances plus our new exclusive, all in a new, longer-lasting formula!

BAKER STREET: Earl Grey tea, dark aged vanilla, sweet tobacco, mahogany chairs, leather-bound books & a drop of blackest musk. Exclusively at SBC!

THE BEAUTIFUL & DAMNED: Sparkling pink grapefruit, strawberry, raspberry & currant with soft violet, gardenia & vanilla 

BLOOD & HONEY: Blood orange, wildflower honey (vegan), amber & honeysuckle


ETERNAL RETURN (premium): Peat moss & damp garden soil, tomato leaf, beetroot, grass, herbs, lavender, galbanum & oak bark

PAPER MOON (premium): Vanilla musk, benzoin, oakmoss, trailing ivy, peach blossom & rose

THEDA: Tart sangria infused with summer fruits (white peach, nectarine, berries, citrus), dark vanilla, wild vines & rose absolute

6-16-23: Alkemia Perfumes' new summer series:

Koi No Yokan: Plum blossoms, lily of the valley, white musk, and water lotus kindled by dry aged Japanese cedar, tempting black currants & exotic pomelo and tamarind.

La Isla Encantada: Pomelo, chironja, sweet creme de coco, ginger flower, passionfruit, heliotrope, neroli blossoms, fresh figs, pineapple & Madagascar vanilla-infused white amber

Leaves of Grass: Fresh cut grass, clover hay, melon, ivy, white sandalwood, freshly cut freesia, green amber & the journeywork of stars

Lilacs Along the Winding Drive: Lilac bushes heavy with blooms, a gentle breeze after a spring rain, a dusty driveway, a rusty porch swing & a handful of violets

Psychedelique: Nag Champa incense, dark spiced rum, black amber, opium, laudanum, hashish, with a raunchy splash of sexy patchouli. Unisex blend

Reverie Balneaire: The remains of a driftwood bonfire, white sand, dried seaweed, a kiss of ocean waves & sun warmed skin musk

Sun Dried Laundry in a Summer Rain: Stonewashed linen and sun-dried cotton billowing on an old-fashioned clothesline spattered by the first drops of summer rain. Unisex blend

4-10-15: New Villainess soaps: Carrot Nose: Crisp, sweet snow - cool and soothing, spiked with green & pink sweetness

Chasm: Smoky dragon's blood with a chitinous edge

Corpuscular: Blood red roses & thorny greenery

Dentition:  Orange peel, lime juice & a bite of juniper

Melted Snowman: Crisp, sweet snow muddied with asphalt, exhaust & patchouli notes

Moral Decay: RETURNING! Sweet, smoky lapsang souchong tea, brewed strong & debauched with aniseed, ginger, cinnamon, bergamot & gentian

Typhoon: Coconut meat, mango juice & melon spiked with white mint

3-20-15: In stock now, the first of our Single Notes! Give your old, unloved scents new life!

3-6-15: In stock now from Villainess:

Arsenic & Old Lace: Sweet black cherry tarts with honeymusk and a soft wisp of old-fashioned perfume - roses, honeysuckle, gardenia & chamomile

Bad Breakup: Smells like heartbreak. Dragon's Blood, cheap cabernet, markdown chocolate and a pint of caramel ice-cream salted with your own tears

Bruised: NEW! Lavender drizzled in blackberry compote, and snow-kissed amber

Miss Edith: Lemony black tea with milk, English Lavender & Roses beneath a layer of dust

Raspberry Swirl: Sweet red raspberry creamed with soft vanilla

Torch Song: Raw coconut infused with heavy white blossoms - tuberose, orchid, and awapuhi - and tonka bean, ginger crushed underfoot, damp moss & vanilla perfume

Truffle Trade: A neglected box o' chocolates - cherry cordials, coconut creams, almond clusters, raspberry parfaits

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