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An homage to the Gods of Thunder - the scent of crackling ozone and wildly lashing rain tearing across a summer night. Are you godly enough? A Soap Box Company exclusive scent!

Clear glass bottler with steel rollerball.


What buyers are saying:

Fabulous scent. Truly electric. This is something that will shock you awake with a whiff.

I was very surprised and extremely impressed as it really does give the impression of a thunderstorm. To me, the scent is more on the masculine side, and one or two drops is definitely enough. Am glad that I purchased a bottle.

Tronada is such a deliciously butch scent. I adore it so much. :) It actually layers beautifully, too.

Everything about Tronada is sexy! When I initially put it on, my mind went straight to my boyfriend. I would classify this scent as being masculine. To me, it smells like an expensive cologne. It's fresh but it has a nice bite to it. I am not sure what notes are specifically in this but they're definitely from the Woods category. It's too masculine for my taste but I would purchase this for my boyfriend.

This is an amazing aquatic cologne, great projection and lasts for hours!

Fresh, green and airy. Has a very masculine scent...

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