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Permafrost Beards Beard Oil keeps your skin and beard moisturized. Each bottle is equipped with a dropper for easy use. Permafrost beard oils are formulated to work in tandem with Permafrost Beards Beard Balms.  Keep Your Facejacket On!


Why use beard oil? There’s something about a well groomed guy that turns heads. But that scruff can be flat out unsexy when it’s rough and dry. Luckily, beard oil is made specifically to help. It hydrates the skin and softens and tames beard hair. The ideal beard looks shiny and groomed, and beard oil helps achieve that. With the use of essential oils like cedar and sandalwood, this product also acts as a natural cologne. So get to grooming, guys!


Directions: Apply beard oil immediately after showering or washing your face, so pores absorb the oil. This is especially important in a cold or dry climate. Rub the oil into your hand, then massage it throughout your beard. Just a few drops is all you need. For longer beards, use a comb to make sure the product coats hair thoroughly and reaches the skin.


.9 oz. in cobalt glass bottle.


Please choose scent from dropdown menu.


Arctic Birch: This unique birch scent with a hint of patchouli will transport you instantly to an Alaskan birch forest during "green-up.”


Denali Frost: The clean scent of crisp wintergreen and spruce.


Minty Moose Drool: A popular clean, woodsy scent featuring an undertone of mint.


Wood Chip Whiskey: Close your eyes and you’ll think you’re sitting next to a campfire with a whiskey in your hand.


Yukon Spice: The newest addition to the Permafrost family! A warm spiced drink with a dash of citrus to sweeten it.


US Veteran-owned.

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