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Who doesn’t love cake? Introducing a new scent series, all variations on a classic treat. Satisfy your sweet cravings without gaining an ounce! Amazing in scent warmers too.


5 ml amber glass bottle. A 100% vegan product.


Almond Caramel Espresso Cake: Fluffy cake with espresso frosting, toaasted almonds, and a caramel drizzle.


Banana J. Foster Cake: Vanilla cake loaded up with ripe bananas soaked in whiskey.


Bourbon Peach Cake: Golden cake covered in bourbon-soaked peaches and rich brown sugar.


Champagne Cake: Light and airy white cake with bubbly champagne.


German Chocolate Cake: Rich dark chocolate cake laced with a hint of delicate coconut.


Lavender Pear Anise Cake: Dense cake topped with juicy pears, a scattering of lavender buds, and crushed anise seeds.


Linen & Lace: Clean white linen with a touch of decadent vanilla.



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