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A virtual gift certificate to get them clean and smelling good! It's a perfect gift and it's super easy to give (especially as a last minute gift).

How Sending a Gift Certificate Works:
After you complete a purchase for a gift certificate, the amount is released to your Soap Box account. All you have to do is log-in to your account (you'll see the gift certificate in the "your account" page) and email the gift certificate to whomever, whenever you choose! The gift certificate is emailed to the recipient right after you click submit. It's super easy and super quick!
(Gift Certificate funds will always remain in your Soap Box customer account until they are given away or used by you.)

Don't forget to let them know why you're sending them this great gift:
I Smell Good…You Should Too.
So you have a scent addiction? Well, it could be worse.
I Love Soap. Don’t you?
This is really the gift I want to receive. Maybe you’ll return the favor.
I’m trying to get you addicted so you understand me better.

...or any message you'd like!
(The message in the above picture is an example only and does not appear on the gift certificate.)