• Manufactured by: The Soap Box Company
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Pure white 100% cotton gloves. Chapped or cracking skin? Slather your hands in body butter and wear these gloves overnight. You won’t believe how quickly they heal! Also perfect for protecting that new manicure. These are extremely lightweight and won’t interfere with your daily tasks.


CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Wash in cold water and air dry. If washed in warm or hot water and dried in a dryer, they will become your child’s new Barbie doll gloves. They are, after all, 100% cotton.


SIZE: 7.25”. Small/Medium. To determine size, wrap a tape measure or string around the widest part of the knuckles on your dominant (writing) hand.


NOTES from Jo, Owner of The Soap Box Company: I have average sized hands with longer than average fingers for a woman. These fit snugly through the palm on me, but not too tight. Try one of these body butters.

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