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A high lathering shaving soap you can take with you - no mug needed! To take it along, just pop on the lid, throw it in your bag and go. It's packaged in an unbreakable container with a tight fitting screw top, and it's TSA compliant for carry ons. It's leak proof, light weight, and takes up very little space.  Each container holds a generous 3.5 ozs. of soap and with daily use should last about 6 months.

This rich lathering shaving soap is made for use with a brush and formulated especially for sensitive skin. Olive oil softens and moisturizes the beard, while bentonite clay produces excellent razor "slip." Aloe vera helps skin recover quickly from shaving abrasion and leaves the skin moisturized. 

Please choose scent from the drop down menu.

Black Tea: The scent of warm toasted tea leaves, Black Tea is a slightly smoky, sexy, warm scent with a woody, natural smell and notes of sage and sandalwood.

Cognac: NEW! The rich scent of Hennessy cognac. 

English Coast: The scent of herbs, mosses, meadow flowers, and coastal air just after a rain. Refreshing and bright!

Fresh Orange: NEW! The unmistakably bright scent of a freshly peeled orange. 

Leather: NEW! The scent of a well loved leather jacket, it smells deep and musky. Very masculine and sensuous. 

Oatmeal, Milk & Honey: NEW! A warm, slightly sweet, and deeply comforting scent. A best seller! 

Pipe Tobacco: NEW! Smells like a freshly opened pouch of pipe tobacco, as opposed to the smoke itself. 

Unscented: NEW! For the man who prefers his shaving products with no fragrance added. 

Ingredients: Olive oil, aloe vera, palm oil, castor oil, bentonite clay, safflower oil, vegetable glycerin, purified water, sodium hydroxide, sorbitan oleate, soybean protein, wheat protein, fragrance.

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