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Supernova: If this top coat isn't perfect for Halloween, we don't know what is! A high-profile "flakie" polish with flecks of orange and gold, and larger shreds of deeper orange. Don't let the flashiness in the bottle scare you; as you can see from the swatch photos, this polish works with colors from blacks/browns to pale creams. In the xoxojen swatch photo, one coat of Supernova is shown over Champagne Bath. Both are limited edition Soap Box Company exclusives! 

Points to you if you remember the Oasis song that inspired the name of this polish!

This polish is Big3 free. Polishes are made in small batches, so appearance may vary slightly between bottles. Some glitters don't like to lay flat, and are 'thirsty,' requiring an extra layer of topcoat or two to be smooth to the touch. 

Listing is for (1) 15 ml bottle.

Photos reprinted with permission of www.xoxojen.com and www.workplaypolish.com.

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