Xia Mud

My two weeks sojourn to Greece wrecked my skin, so back home sweet home, I had to do some major skincare quality "me" time. I enjoy the results of a chemical peel, but my low pain tolerance and sensitive skin have me putting off getting it done in a regular timely manner. And thus comes Xia mud to the rescue. I actually have been using this product daily after light exfoliation with my face mit scrub. I'll scoop a little bit out into my hand with the plastic disc protector it comes with, and mix into a rough paste before painting my face and neck with it. I'll wait until it dries off or I'm done with my bath to wash it off. Friends laugh that I am using a popular hazlenut spread as make- up, but the scent is more cocoa powder with berry. There are bits of berries in it, too, to help with exfoliation.

Now onto the results: my skin is left soft but not dried out barren like how some super aggressive mint masks are prone to. Regular use of this mask has left me less shiny, oily, and my skin is comfortably balanced. After using it, my skin absorbs my moisturizers and serums quite nicely. Xia is my first Villainess mud mask, and I can definitely say I'm intrigued and will be ordering more Villainess mud after I use this one up.

Aisling McSweeney , 08/27/2013