Layering Notes (Single Notes)

Fumee (Smoke) - This smells like the food flavoring "Liquid Smoke". It smells very similar to the Diptique candle Feu De Bois, which smells fine as a home fragrance, but does not translate well into a wearable fragrance. I know this scent is for layering, but it does not "play well with others", as it is just WAY too overpowering, even if you use a tiny bit. I was looking for something to replace my beloved Devilish by Arcana, and planned to mix this with vanilla to try and recreate my favorite scent, but Fumee is too hickory/mesquite scented (and WAY TOO STRONG) to be worn as a fragrance. Unless you WANT to smell like an old bbq pit, I would strongly advise against, even if your plan is to layer as suggested. Pass....

Lane Breeze, 09/24/2015
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