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Epic’s formula uses luxuriant olive squalane, olive oil, olive butter, and organic virgin coconut oil. It's glossy, creamy, and 100% vegan. A natural stevia sweetener but there is NO stevia aftertaste, we promise. All offerings are exclusive to The Soap Box Company.

.15 oz tube of lip balm.


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Almond Rose Cakes: New! Almond vanilla cake partnered with luscious rose. A match made in heaven.


Champagne & Cupcakes: Bubbly champagne, French vanilla cupcakes, and strawberry frosting.


Cherry Cordial: Cherries, dark chocolate, white sugar, with a splash of rum.


Cranberry Cosmo: Cranberry juice, orange liqueur, lime juice, and the zing of zesty lemon peel.


Green River: Fizzy lime soda!


Huckleberry Ice Cream: Creamy vanilla ice cream with a swirl of sweet-tart huckleberries. An unusual twist on an old-fashioned favorite.


Lemon Pie: Candied lemon, vanilla whipped cream, and a hint of pie crust.


Mango Lemonade: Lemonade and mango juice. A classic!


Minted Lemonade: New! Sweet and tart lemonade with fresh, crisp mint.


VEGAN INGREDIENTS: Olive butter, olive oil, candellila wax, carnauba wax, virgin coconut oil (organic), castor oil, olive squalane, shea butter, vitamin e, natural sweetener, flavor, mineral color.

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