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An utterly beguiling blend of Earl Grey Tea, lightly brewed Black Assam Tea, Scarlet Monarda (aka Wild Bergamot), a fresh twist of Bergamot citrus peel, and golden skin musk teased with long, slow kisses of orange blossom honey. Because it’s summer and the memories are just waiting to happen... A Soap Box Company exclusive scent!

"Part of the art of being a woman is knowing when not to be too much of a lady." -- Anonymous

Clear glass bottle with steel rollerball.


What buyers are saying:

This was a blind buy as I love Earl Grey tea and also wanted to try Alkemia after reading so many great reviews. On my skin the bergamot stood out initially, then the tea and honey came through. I'm glad I got this since it's a light comforting scent, perfect for spring and summer.

This is a beautiful perfume! It smells so expensive....

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