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Love came at last

and we entered paradise
We slid like fish
beneath the surface of the water
We saw the pearls of the sea
and were moonstruck..."

-- Nizar Qabbani (Translated from Arabic by Paul Weinfield)

An oceanic hymn. Warm skin caressed by iodine and seawater swirled with seaweed and a whisper of seaspray roses and beach plums on a summery breeze of honeysuckle, nardo, and champaca blossom. A Soap Box Company exclusive scent!

Clear glass bottle with steel rollerball.


What buyers are saying: 

It's gentle while still providing a long-lasting scent and perfect for summertime. Alkemia is talented at creating ocean and water/aquatic and beach fragrances without that sharp artificial note found in so many aquatic perfumes of today.

This scent is incredible. It smells like it would be expensive, almost department store expensive, but smells waaaay better than any department store perfume. Starts off very blue and fresh and dries down to a cool, salty, slightly floral finish.

It is everything I am looking for in a perfume. It smells just like the ocean when applied and it dries down into a light, beautiful floral scent.

Such a pretty, bright, and unique scent. It's sooo lovely.


What buyers are saying:

Such a gorgeous scent! A sweet floral aquatic that I can't stop sniffing after it dries down.

Cool, fresh floral. Reminiscent of Michael Kors without the alcohol!

Smells like honeysuckle or tuberose mixed with salty water, really pretty.

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