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Almost but not quite masculine, Vanilla Oak’s warm woodsy notes blended with classic vanilla have earned it a faithful following. It lathers easily and rinses clean without stripping moisture from your hair stripped or your skin, or leaving your scalp or body itching. This rich formula loaded with organic olive, hemp seed and palm oil softens the skin with each use. Your whole family will want to steal it!

Skin/ Hair Type: Oily Skin & Hair (Lightweight Cleansing Blend)

Type: Shampoo & Body Bar

Ingredients: Saponified oils of coconut, safflower, rice bran, castor, palm, olive & hemp seed; kaolin clay; calcium bentonite clay; rosemary oleoresin; fragrance, sodium lactate; cocoa powder.

♥ NO Filler Oils
♥ NO Corn or Wheat
♥ NO Detergents or Preservatives
♥ NO Parabens
♥ NO Lab Created Ingredients
♥ Only Food Grade Ingredients

Notes: This bar works well for transitioning from liquid shampoo to solid shampoo bars. A great choice for teenagers. Please air dry thoroughly between uses.

Net wt: 4.0oz.

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