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For when you don't have time to wash your hair, but you do want it to smell good and look good! No more "should I, shouldn't I?" indecision on busy mornings. Use this natural dry shampoo instead of a full wash and blow dry to refresh your hair.

This formula contains betonite clay, known for it's superior absorbing properties, cosmetic grade cornstarch (you may know it from the baby powder hair trick) and baking soda for freshening and PH balancing properties.
In a shaker bottle (yes, they look like spice bottles!), simply sprinkle a generous amount on your hair, especially your roots, distribute evenly through dry hair, brush out, and you're done! Perfect for traveling - no leaks! - or camping.

Earl Grey Spearmint: A little tea, a little mint. Beautifully understated. A very unisex scent. SOLD OUT

Get Off My Lawn: NEW! Hey kids, get off my lawn! The heady scent of a perfectly-manicured green lawn in the summertime. Also unisex.

Meyer Lemon Peppermint: NEW! An uplifting blend of sweet citrus and peppermint essential oil.

Vanilla Buttercream: A rich, sweet scent that will bring all the boys to the yard... SOLD OUT

4 oz. shaker bottle. Note: Packaging may not appear full as shaker holds more than 4 oz. and settling occurs during shipping.

Ingredients: Betonite clay, kaoline clay, ground oatmeal, baking soda, wheat germ oil, fragrance oils, essential oils.

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My fave stuff! always dread running out.                       

The Buttercream Dry Shampoo Hair Powder smells amazing!                        

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