• Manufactured by: Villainess
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Characteristic Scent: A cheerful gush of pumpkin and buttercream against a backdrop of fall - sere leaves and sweetgrass, bonfires and candle flame. An annual Soap Box exclusive fall fragrance by Villainess, available for a limited time.

Specs: More than 12 ozs. of the original scent in a 16 oz. amber bottle, direct from the company..

Distinguishing Features: A concentrated fragrance blended in a long-lasting, skin-silk vegetable oil base.

To Use: You decide! Make your own scented bath bombs or bath salts or just bottle the oil and gift to friends. This scent has been retired, along with Autumn Gala!

We've bottled the ephemeral by way of an Extrait: a 29% concentration of aromatics in a carrier blend of long lasting vegetable oils with a silken afterfeel. Like the same scents you've come to love in our body collection, our Extrait exploits a variety of synthetic aroma chemicals, essential oils, plant resins, infusions, extracts and absolutes.

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