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Down 'n dirty specs: 5 ml meted out in the new, more durable eyedropper (but still vintage-style) glass bottle with distinctive Villainess hangtag. Use the metal initial later on your keychain or as a charm!

Distinguishing Features: A concentrated fragrance blended in a long-lasting, skin-silk vegetable oil base.

Characteristic Scent: Flashes of exotic foliage - coconut, banana, papaya, dewfruit, mango - amidst slightly more domestic fruits - nectarine, red apple, peach, plums, pears, and raspberries - and an explosive burst of citrus - mandarin orange, pineapple, lemon, and tangerine.To ground our island paradise? A light musk, salted driftwood, sugar cane, and dry sandalwood.

To Use: With a gentle twist, remove the dropper and apply to your pulse points: your inner wrists, just below your ears, just over your heart. To apply a larger drop, press the mouth of the ampoule to your inner wrist or index finger and up-end briefly.

We've bottled the ephemeral by way of an Extrait: a 29% concentration of aromatics in a carrier blend of long lasting vegetable oils* with a silken afterfeel. Like the same scents you've come to love in our body collection, our Extrait exploits a variety of synthetic aroma chemicals, essential oils, plant resins, infusions, extracts and absolutes.

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