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Want to review products offered by The Soap Box Company? We’d LOVE to hear what you think! You, the unseen but very much heard, YouTube gurus and bloggers, truly are the backbone of the independent Bath & Body community. Regardless of your age, race or gender, the world looks to you to discover new brands and must-have products. The countless hours and love that we pour into our website are showcased by dedicated people just like you. We have incredible respect for your passion and we're pleased to show our appreciation in this exclusive listing, just for you reviewers!

This listing includes a minimum of FOUR products currently available at The Soap Box Company. All items are sample sizes, though an occasional upgrade to a full size product has been known to happen! Products will include an Alkemia or Haus of Gloi fragrance and a Smooch or Whipped! Villainess sample, plus samples from 2-3 other popular Soap Box vendors.

Terms of Sale: 1. You must list your YouTube channel, Instagram, Facebook page or blog URL in the Comments at checkout. 2. Because these samples are offered below cost, this listing cannot be discounted (i.e., no codes, gift certificates, or sales can be applied). If terms aren't met, sale will be canceled and money will be refunded.

All products are made in USA.

NOTE: If you'd like to see a Bloggers' Sampler for full-size products offered, let us know!

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