• Manufactured by: Darling Clandestine
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The burlesque? It's got nothing on you. They're only women. You are mermaid and siren, the wind, the wonderment, the shipwreck, the storm. Beneath your smile, your coiled limbs, men see diamonds or doubloons, glory or gooseberry wine. Each day you're placed like a crown on a pedestal, and every night you're carried home like a prize. And the crowd secedes into reveries that you spin, tucked under your velvet elbows, a willowy song bending like a girl without bones. You own their dreams. 

Serpentina is a crisp, green, ethereal tea fragrance with a smoky opium bite. This original fragrance is suspended in virgin sweet almond oil. A brand new Soap Box Company exclusive.

Packaged in a generous 15 ml amber glass bottle.

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