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Infused with Alaskan wildcrafted buds and flowers for healing. We harvest the fragrant and resinous Cottonwood (aka Balsam Poplar) buds like Native Alaskans have done for centuries to create this exquisite botanical oil. Its healing properties are truly remarkable. We also grow organic Calendula flowers and extract their anti-inflammatory quality. Their healing properties are truly amazing. Massage into affected area to reduce the pain, swelling and inflammation of muscle soreness, arthritic joints, sunburned skin and tired feet. It is analgesic (relieves pain), promotes skin regeneration, and promotes the body’s own healing ability.

4 fl. oz./118 ml.

Ingredients: Extract of cottonwood buds and calendula flowers in organic sweet almond oil, organic sunflower oil, emu oil, organic jojoba oil, Vitamin E, rosemary oil extract (a natural preservative).


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I have had chronic foot pain from an injury I sustained years ago. I've been using the massage oil with cottonwood buds in it and I have to tell you what a big difference it has made. Shortly after I rub it in I can feel it start to work, and the pain melts away. I feel certain it has helped my foot to heal, not just help with temporary symptom alleviation.

...My husband has been using the cottonwood balm and really likes it.  He's given me good-natured grief over these products since my first order, years ago, but after using both the oil for his sore back and the balm on his miscellaneous itches, he's totally sold.

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