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A midsummer night's enchantment. A sensual spell woven from wild strawberries, strawberry blossoms, freshly unearthed black truffles, crocus sativius, vanilla leaf ferns, green patchouli, tree moss, agarwood, oak bark, enchanter's nightshade, and a drop of honey mead. A Soap Box Company exclusive!

Classification: Fruit/Berries/Tea

A wonderful choice for adventurous teenagers (scent-wise!). 5 ml. amber bottle


What buyers are saying:

Not a wild smell, but a lovely strawberry scent.

I love [this] so much. It's fresh and sweet and creamy, and I get comments on how good I smell when I wear it.

Faerie Queen is delicate, lightly herbal and mildly sweet with a touch of strawberries. Perfect for work because it lasts and morphs but the sillage is intimate.

Faerie Queen is a lovely grown up strawberry.

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