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A grownup confection of black licorice, mandarin orange peel, caramelized brown sugar, bourbon vanilla, candied ginger, tonka bean, blonde patchouli, cedar tips, oakmoss, and sandalwood. Utterly sexy on both men and women...

While this perfume smells like a sumptuous treat, it's got a secret trick: Dr. Alan Hirsch (Director of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation) did studies on the effect of black licorice on the responses of men and women. He found that black licorice increased blood flow to “certain parts” of the male and female anatomy simulating sexual arousal. Now you know!

Note: This scent is also available in an Ultime. Ultime concentrations are great if your skin 'eats' scent because Ultime sillage is superior and a little goes a long way. Want us to carry more Ultimes? Drop us a line to let us know!



Seasonal limited edition, available only while supplies last. New clear bottle with a convenient stainless steel rollerball.


What buyers are saying:


Licorice yumminess! Makes me feel spooky and sexy!


My annual treat to myself! This Halloween, zero-calorie, scented treat is over the top amazing! It is long lasting and smells so good that I find myself smelling my wrists throughout the day.


Lovely, warm sweet scent! Everything blends so nicely together.

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