• Manufactured by: Alkemia

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"With or without us,
sweetness will go on living
and is infinitely alive,
forever being revived..." -- Pablo Neruda

A special Ghost Fire blend of ambres blanc infused white sugar with sexy swirls of jasmine aldehydes, and night flowering nardo. 

Note: Small Batch Ultime concentrations are great for those with skin chemistry that 'eats' up scent very quickly or who have challenges getting longevity from perfume. Generally, the sillage is a bit better for ultimes. A little goes quite a long way.

Packaged in 5 ml. amber bottle.


What buyers are saying:

Such a beautiful elegant perfume. The ultime concentration is perfect!

This is a gorgeous perfume. You'll love it! 

Very gourmand but not overtly sweet! Longevity is great!

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