• Manufactured by: Alkemia
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“There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls.” ? George Carlin

Half-light, half shadow. A unique alchemy of lunar elements - the petrichor of night dew, cucumber, lemon blossom, artemesia, California poppy, wild lettuce, caraway, vetiver root, lunar musk, and marine seaweed. 

Category: Ocean/Rain/Flowers

Spring 2016 limited edition, available only while supplies last. 5 ml Amber Bottle.


What buyers are saying:

Wow! totally unique unisex scent, I love it!

Evokes the feeling of a dark evening after a rainstorm.

Penumbra's wonderful. Ooo, delicious. A haunting scent that's not heavy. Adore it.

… smells like the moon and a cool summer night. I wore it to a Chelsea Wolfe concert and it matched the mood perfectly. 

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