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In the desert,
Turn toward emptiness,
Fleeing the self.
Stand alone,
Ask no one’s help,
And your being will quiet,
Free from the bondage of things.

Those who cling to the world,
Endeavor to free them;
Those who are free, praise.
Care for the sick,
But live alone,
Happy to drink from the waters of sorrow,
To kindle Love’s fire
With the twigs of a simple life.
Thus you will live in the desert

- Mechthild of Magdeburg (transl. Jane Hirshfield)

A perfumed ode to the night sky of the Sonoran Desert and Antares, a mesmerizingly beautiful orange star also known as the 'Eye of the Scorpion'...

Queen of the Night, Dried Wild Roses, Mandarin, Nicotania, Oakmosses, Cactus, Juniper, Acacia buds, Fir Resin, Clary Sage, Cedar Needles, Labdanum, Guaiac Wood, Germander, and White Patchouli lightly bathed in dewy Water Musk.

Classification: Ocean/Rain/Flowers

In new rollerball packaging at old 5 ml bottle price while we change over!

Photo Credit: Steve Jurvetson


What buyers are saying: 

Antares is so gorgeous. It smells like a high-end department store perfume, while still being unique. I love it!

I initially get something bright and citrusy, but not sweet. After about ten minutes, that fades away and it transforms into this amazing light floral blend that leans somewhat cool and watery. Very pretty and a little melancholy. It's got a really classy vibe to it. Soooo good.

I'm at a loss for words. It's a gorgeous, sparkling, twinkling, airy, aquatic floral, lightly sweetened with a tiny hint of citrus. It definitely makes me think of sitting under a night sky gazing up at the stars. It's a fresh and crisp floral dancing upon a carbon lake reflecting off of the starry sky... I first got Antares as a free sample... and I remember putting it on without reading the description first and just going "HOLY F***ING S**T THIS SMELLS GOOOOOOD." Yeah. It's amazing, and it smells expensive. 

Leans aquatic on my skin, not in a salt-watery way, just a little bit wet/dewy; many hours later, it is a beautiful lightly musky smell.

Antares has to be the best indie perfume I've come across. Gorgeous scent, great sillage, and lasting power... well, I woke up the next morning and still smelled like the perfume.

Antares is sooo gorgeous. The Western US desert at night is one of my favorite life aromas. This smells like that. Of course the desert smells differently all the time. That is one of my favorite things about it. Antares smells like a clear night in the desert, in the early fall, when it has cooled and the air is crisp. It smells like looking at the millions of stars and being free in the wide open.

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