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Based on a folk magic recipe to arouse sexual desire, enhance sensory pleasures, and enliven passion. To the traditional base of musk, ambergris, coriander, cardamom, and carnation, we have added elements reputed to be particularly enticing to lovers (new or existing) - almond blossom, Madagascar vanilla beans, galangal root, and a secret blend of aphrodisiac spices. A Soap Box Company exclusive scent!

Clear glass bottle with steel rollerball.


What buyers are saying:

This is a really beautiful scent that could appeal to people who like musky, floral, vanilla, spicy or amber scents, as it is a beautiful, warm blend of so many different scents.

A beautiful floral with hints of spice to keep it interesting. It's neither cloying nor sharp.

Smells like a sweet honey blend of earthy deep spices. Very sexy. Great for evening.

Mood-wise, this strikes me as a wedding scent (although some will also see this as a good everyday scent) and I don't see it meeting up with my various mood swings/personality. But my gods, it's pretty.

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