• Manufactured by: Alkemia
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A licentious concoction of dry amber, blonde tobacco, naughtily spiced aldehydes, the leather binding of erotic novels, dark chilies provocatively soaked in spiced rum, saffron, white coffee, yuzu, peppered benzoin, and a drop of wild honey.

Classification: Amber/Tabac/Incense

5 ml amber bottle


What buyers are saying: 

The Yellow Book somehow manages to smell fresh, warm, and gourmand (side note: I normally don't like gourmand but I LOVE this!) in a way that is completely enchanting on my skin. Its sweetness isn't sugary and it's perfectly balanced by spices. Also, there is something about it that reminds me of an old library, in the best possible way. If you normally like scents with ambers and tobacco with a kick of warm spice, try this one! It's fantastic

This is easily one of my favourite perfumes. Rich, spicy, and just kept from being gourmand by the tobacco. A compliment getter.

...complex, sultry, and gorgeous.

This haunting fragrance is like stepping into an Aubrey Beardsley gazebo surrounded by peacocks, while mysterious creatures lurk in the background.

Yellow Book: not sure what the note is (maybe rum) but when it warms up on my skin I become that wierdo that keeps smelling their arms.

Wonderfully complex, unique, enticing and alluring scent! I bought this, as a gift for a friend - and she is just thrilled.. 

I can smell the spiced rum and honey in it. After warming on my skin for a few minutes, it turns into something pretty luscious. 

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