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Scent description: Juicy heirloom peaches on an aged wooden table, with a hint of sweet sassafras and resins. The scent of simpler times and simpler pleasures.

Luscious peaches piled in a milk glass bowl in the middle of the rough hewn kitchen table polished smooth by generations, with the scent of sassafras from the tree out by the barn drifting through the window. An overgrown orchard out behind the old stone farmhouse, with a tractor tire swing hanging from a sturdy branch of one of the oldest trees. Peachwood will take you back... A new Soap Box Company exclusive scent that we know you'll love!

This listing is for an easy-to-open, easily transportable .6 oz/18 g. metal screw-top tin. Solid Scent Balm is multi-purpose, perfect for refreshing your scent throughout the day. Packed with nourishing shea butter & avocado oil, it goes the extra mile as fragrance, cuticle cream, intense balm & even a hairstyling aid! Glide a fingertip over your balm & apply to pulse points, ragged nails & extra dry patches, or rub a bit between your fingers & pick out face-framing wisps or layers in your hair. You'll be rewarded with fast-absorbing moisture & a balanced halo of scent that doesn't make itself a nuisance.

Solid Scent Balms are paraben-free, -cone-free, & contain no propylene glycol or mineral oil.

Note: Solid Scent Balm is NOT intended for use as a LIP BALM. Paintbox fragrances are in no way lip-safe - please keep them away from eyes, lips, & broken or irritated skin!

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