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This beard conditioning oil will keep that manly beard feeling soft instead of like a wire brush. The scents are all masculine, and the luxury oils with added botanical extracts will soothe and moisturize your skin. This oil is multi-purpose - it works equally well as preparation for shaving or any time your skin needs extra pampering. It even works as a prep for shaving heads bald!


Leather: A good leather scent is hard to find! This one is the perfect John Wayne-would-love-it saddle leather scent that will make you want to ride the range.

Packaged in a 2 oz. retro amber glass apothecary-style bottle with an eyedropper cap. Check out our aftershave too!

Ingredients: Sweet almond oil/Apricot kernel oil, aloe juice, sunflower seed oil, olive oil, aloe oil, fragrance.

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What buyers are saying:

The beard oil - come on! It makes me wish I could be tiny and just get tucked into his beard and stay there all day while he's away at work. That's how good it smells!! As soon as I received it I came back and ordered the entire set of beard oils, both of us love the product and want them all!

My boyfriend and I love the ginger beast beard oil- he uses a couple drops everyday for the scent and shine! Also the price is extremely reasonable! Recommended by a beard lover ????                         

Fantastic smelling beard oil with a great viscosity and light feel . Gladly will purchase again .., a steal at this price as well !!

I absolutely love this oil! I use it as a pre-shave as well as beard conditioner. The fragrance is absolutely fantastic! (of course, I am a sucker for leather, anyway) Very high quality product and my skin soaks it up. I have couple of the other scents as well, they are all really nice.                        

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