• Manufactured by: Villainess

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Characteristic Scent: Fresh-pressed apples, spiced cider, sweet-grass, and fall's new-mown hay harvest. A Soap Box Company exclusive fall fragrance by Villainess, available for a limited time.

Wanted For: Scrubbing your incredible skin all over.

Smooch is a Villainess original moisturizing body scrub; a multi-tasking product cleverly disguised as the most indulgent thing to ever touch your skin. We start with a carefully balanced blend of feather-light (yet vitamin-rich) grapeseed oil, and an exotic vegetable butter - mango, unrefined shea, or black cocoa, coconut oil to melt at skin temperature, and lashings of cherry kernel oil. And then we add the good stuff; raw sugars or sea salts to exfoliate without any rough edges to abrade your gorgeous skin, crushed botanicals or bright ticklish jojoba beads to gently slough off dead skin cells.

When you get into the damp luxury of a warm bath or shower, they emulse into an impossibly light milky lotion that rinses away cleanly. Exfoliating and moisturizing in one easy step, Smooch leaves you smooth and supple - in other words, perfectly kissable!

7 oz

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