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This Sweet Pea Bath Body Works dupe, with Sweet Pea, Pear, Freesia, Luscious Raspberry, and Soft Musk notes, is a Lis Nois best seller. It lathers up easily and rinses clean without leaving the skin on your face or body tight or dry. Red Clover Tea offers the extra moisture of shea butter, yet leaves hair and skin clean with no itchy or dry feeling. This rich formula loaded with organic olive, hemp seed and palm oil softens the skin with each use. Your whole family will want to steal it!

Skin/ Hair Type: Extra Moisturizing Shea Butter (Gentle Cleansing)

Type: Shampoo & Body Bar

Ingredients: Saponified oils of safflower, shea butter, castor, palm, sweet almond, olive & hemp seed; red clay; fragrance, Vitamin E from soy; lemon oil; mica; calendula extract.

♥ NO Filler Oils
♥ NO Corn or Wheat
♥ NO Detergents or Preservatives
♥ NO Parabens
♥ NO Lab Created Ingredients
♥ Only Food Grade Ingredients

Notes: Color is red brick due to red clay content, swirled with cream. This extra moisturizing bar works especially well for drier skin. Please allow bars to air dry between uses.

Net wt: 4.2oz.+

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