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Use this therapeutic and healing balm for skin irritations, bug bites, painful and damaged skin, chapped lips, rashes (including diaper rash), burns, cuts, cracks on fingers and heels, scrapes, cuticles and hang nails. It promotes cell growth and skin regeneration and it's analgesic (relieves pain). It works incredibly well. 

1 oz. jar

NO SYNTHETIC INGREDIENTS! We hand-pick the buds from wild Cottonwood trees, and organically grow and harvest Calendula flowers. We extract their beneficial properties and superior healing effects in organic sweet almond oil, organic olive oil, pure beeswax, Vitamin E and rosemary oil extract, a natural preservative.


What buyers are saying:

A friend brought me a sample of cottonwood balm after her trip to Alaska. My hands were healed in two days! I depend on cottonwood balm to heal my dry, cracked hands in winter.

I can't believe what a difference the Balsam Poplar Balm [nka Cottonwood Balm] has made for my son’s diaper rash. I’ve tried everything over the counter including the natural stuff, and a prescription ointment for him. Nothing has worked like this. No more redness or irritation and he clearly feels better the second I put it on him. It's really phenomenal!

I burnt my hand when removing something from the oven and it was quite a burn. I used your balm and my skin healed so lovely. There is NO scarring.

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