• Manufactured by: Alkemia
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"More light!" - Goethe (last words)

In homage to the unconquerable sun, a specially aged blend of fine frankincenses drenched with a slightly woody, luminously golden trio of ambers. 

Limited Edition. Amber glass 5 ml dropper bottle. 


What buyers are saying:

I am obsessed with Sol Invictus, it's the perfect frankincense. I put it on every evening to relax. 

I like this on me but I love it on my husband! Warm and enveloping scent.

I bought a full bottle, untested, and I don't regret it! I love amber and frankincense. The scent is lighter than you might think, but warm and lasts on me maybe 4 hours. 

Sol Invictus is magic. Fresh cut wood and Christian church … It's actually amazing...I love it.

Powdery, warm golden frankincense and light amber.

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