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Freshly baked pan de muerto, sugar skulls, Mexican vanilla bean, ambrette seed, and beeswax votive candles.

In Mexico November 1 is El Dia de los Angelitos, or the Day of the Little Angels. It is believed that on this day the souls of departed children return home. Families place milk, sweets, cookies, and toys on altars for the angelic souls of little children to play with.

Note: Non-vegan.

From the Autumn 2015 series. 5 ml. amber bottle.

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What buyers are saying:

DDLA is warm creamy spicy sweet pastry with a distinctive almond note on me. Very mild, warm and foody.

Comforting, warm and spicy. Like being wrapped in an abuela's embrace in her kitchen.

This is one of the more wearable gourmands that still has a foodie feel to it. You definitely get the sugar and the idea of something baking. However, the beeswax and spices take this into more of an adult and personal scent territory rather than something that smells exactly like food.

Angelitos wasn't quite what I was expecting and is a bit more on the spicy side (though it does not hit the back of your nose like some strong spices) and does have some gourmand notes to it. Mellows out to a gentle warm skin-musk that is bound to be nostalgic to some people.

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