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A silk road intoxication of bourbon oak barrel cured cognac, rhodomel (flower), and melomel (fruit) meads infused with the sultry warmth of Ceylon cinnamon, cardamom, anise, and mace; caramelized sugar musk; Tonka beans lightly soaked in Turkish coffee; and ambrette seed musk.

Note: Non-vegan.

From the Autumn 2015 series. 5 ml. amber bottle.

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What buyers are saying:

Caravan is one of my favorite scents to wear! Admittedly, I don't have a great nose when it comes to individual notes, but if I had to describe this I would call it warm, heavy, with the slightest tinge of coffee at the end. It smells just like the inside of my favorite book store. 

Caravan is very much yummy coffee, spices, sweets and a splash of cognac.

Caravan is an exotic coffee shop//traveling thru Europe by train (I may need more of this ASAP)...

Caravan is my favorite! You immediately get hit with the smell of coffee and then it gets deeper and spicier. Definitely FB worthy!

Caravan is one of the most unusual, beautifully strange aromas I've experienced in years. There is a kind of bite to this scent that I didn't know was possible to create in a fragrance. How rare is it to find a spicy, rounded scent that throbs with real and undeniable danger as well?

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