• Manufactured by: Alkemia
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A collection of Mayan offerings: calendula and lemon blossoms, nutmeg, copal incense, star jasmine, smoky amber, vanilla orchid, aquamiel de agave, a salt rimmed shot of mezcal, stonecrushed raw cacao, and cardamom infused musk.

Autumn 2015 Limited Edition. 5 ml amber bottle.

Last One!


What buyers are saying:

This fragrance is very original, sensual and sexy. Absolutely exquisite!

Smoky cocoa notes that deepen into green florals and then a spicy, ambery scent. Lovely.

Ofrenda smells like cocoa and sweets with an oriental edge.

A sensuous, exotic & sultry floral with some spice, amber and whiffs of cacao & vanilla.

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