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Moss Maidens were wild women of the Forest Folk, known for seducing hunters and charcoal burners. If a Moss Maiden was pleased with the lovemaking, she would charm a hunter's weapons never to miss or keep a fire burning all night to allow a charcoal burner to sleep. Members of the Wild Hunt were favored prey of the beautiful Moss Maidens, who often took Huntsmen as their ghostly lovers.

The wild seduction of a full moon night in a northern forest. A delicately feral blend of luxuriant mosses, crushed wet ferns, earthy calamus root, piquant cedar tips, galbanum, balsam pine, lichen, disturbed autumnal leaves, and aromatic incense woods.

Classification: Earth/Greens/Woods

5 ml. Amber Bottle


What buyers are saying:

A woodsy, mysterious, calming scent that will likely find its way into my oil burner. 

Delicate & subtle. At first blush it almost smelled floral, but then it settled down into a soft & pretty green scent.

From the bottle, it's green and surprisingly spicy. On my wrist, it smells like a combination of smokey wood; wet leaves; a lush, humid forest; and, inexplicably, a bit of unsweetened Chai tea. The drydown loses a lot of the greenness, but it's very woodsy and warm. It turns into something like skin, but better! It's also beautiful when layered with Antares.

There's just something about this one...it reminds me of a dark forest. My daughter likes it too.

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