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In 1891, after a wintery Paris evening discussing the legend of Salomé, Oscar Wilde locked himself in his room with a blank notebook and began writing his legendary play Salomé. A few hours later, with much of the text already written, he went out to a nearby café and, needing inspiration, asked the leader of the orchestra to play some music which might evoke "a woman dancing in her bare feet in the blood of a man she has craved for and slain." If the notes of this lost melody were perfume...

A seductively inspiring arrangement to pique the lustful imagination. An overture of not so innocent magnolia underscored with a sly caress of Queen of the Night, a fulsomeness of nubile black grapes and plums, skin musk bathed in spilled cognac, and ruthless twist of bitter orange, blended with an ancient Arabian love philtre of crushed vanilla and tonka bean, mysore sandalwood, vetiver, cedar, and red oud. 

Contains a proprietary elixir of botanical pheromones designed to enhance female sex appeal.

Classification: Fruit/Berries/Tea

5 ml amber bottle.


What buyers are saying: 

It is so unique, almost exotic. I have never smelled anything like this and it is beautiful!

Salome is wonderful. It's earthy and deep and really seductive smelling.

Salome smells a little sharp right out of the bottle, and I almost gave it away. But within seconds on the skin it starts to warm up, and pretty much until it wears off I can't stop smelling myself. I wish it lasted a little longer (3 hours or so on me, and usually in the last I've got my nose pressed to my wrist like a deranged person), but I'm using it as an excuse to reapply to my heart's content.

Salome has completely stolen my heart. It smells like sex and cake and danger.

...I love it so much. It's my favourite! Very complex and sensual scent, just the right balance of sweet, spicy, and musky, my favourite combination.

Salome is an amazing, lovely oriental scent without being too overpowering yet with a sexy depth to it. Strong sillage and lasts on my skin 6 h +.

A seductive & alluring combination of Oriental florals, fruit, spices, musk and vanilla. So decadent.

Salome is my muse. This will be my signature perfume. I love it. 

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