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The shampoo bar that's made to go anywhere you do! The tight fitting lid stays closed during travel and the sturdy aluminum case is rust proof. No more leaking shampoo bottles! It's T.S.A. compliant for carry-on so you can leave it in your bag for your next trip. Perfect for frequent travelers or to keep at the gym. Vegan formula.

Directions: Wet hair, then turn the bar over in your wet hands a few times to make a lather and apply. It's usually best to start with a small amount of lather at first and then lather again if necessary. Shea butter, coconut milk, and olive oil work together to make a thick but gentle lather leaving your hair soft and shiny with a clean scent that's not overpowering. This is not a detergent as commercial shampoos are, and typically there is an adjustment period for your hair to get used to this new shampoo. Using the bar just a couple times should do it.

This formula works especially well for thick, wavy, color treated, or curly-to-kinky hair, although it's great for all hair types.

Keep the bar out of direct shower spray and make sure its nearly dry before putting back in the case.

2.5 Oz bar. Aluminum case included.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, palm oil, castor bean, apricot kernel oil, cocoa mango and shea butters, water, olive oil, coconut milk, and sodium hydroxide.

Black Tea: The scent of warm toasted tea leaves, Black Tea is a slightly smoky, sexy, warm scent with a woody, natural smell and notes of sage and sandalwood.

English Coast: The scent of herbs, mosses, meadow flowers, and coastal air just after a rain. Refreshing and bright!

Lavender: NEW! A very true lavender that's fresh and relaxing.

Leather: NEW! The scent of a well loved leather jacket, it smells deep and musky. Very masculine and sensuous.

Oatmeal, Milk & Honey: NEW! A warm, slightly sweet, and deeply comforting scent. A best seller!

Orange Sherbet: NEW! Bright and tangy, with the unmistakable scent of fresh orange peel.

Plumeria Flower: NEW! This Hawaiian floral is sweet, lush, and very feminine.

Unscented: Perfect for those who are sensitive to scents.

Vanilla Buttercream: NEW! The scent of the classic vanilla buttercream frosting - delicious!

Victorian Rose: NEW! A sophisticated, deeper, and smokier scent that traditional rose. Top notes are rose, spice, and ginger, with deeper notes of sandalwood.

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