• Manufactured by: Alkemia

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SCENT DESCRIPTION: Two chilly sweater puppies warming by the blazing fireplace of the Candy House.


NOTES: Cold mint, skin musk, hot tea, slowly toasting vanilla treats, and sugared woodsmoke. 

A seasonal Soap Box Company exclusive, available in limited quantities! Packaged in a 5 ml amber glass bottle.



This fragrance was created by the talented perfumers at Alkemia Perfumes for our annual breast cancer fundraiser. Profits are donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation every fall. Check our Facebook page posts to find out more about BCRF!


Priced slightly higher due to components cost.


NOTE: Two tester bottles available; one was a market tester, the other was accidentally opened by a customer (it happens!). Do not purchase if you have immunity issues. Both 100% full.