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Not a mustache wax, Beard & Goatee Balm is much more moisturizing and less...well, waxy. Made with coconut oil that melts quickly at body temperature, a smidge of beeswax, hemp oil, and sunflower seed oil, this balm is the best for moisturizing the skin underneath that beard, softening the hair, and keeping you looking fabulous! It's also TSA-approved - perfect for throwing in a carry-on.

Just scoop up a bit on the fingertips, warm between the palms and slather on!

Bad Penny: Vetiver and black pepper. In this blend, the black pepper isn't spicy, just earthy, masculine, and delicious!  SOLD OUT

Beard Face: An invigorating blend that includes Cedar and Wintergreen essential oils. SOLD OUT

Olive Branch: NEW! A fresh scent with hints of lemon and lime zest and Mediterranean olive.

2 oz. tin, 2.5" diameter. 100% natural vegan formula.

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