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My Lip Stuff lip balm is the perfect blend of butters, oils, and beeswax to moisturize dry lips! Never made with petroleum products or mineral oils. Add to that the fact that MLS is earth and animal friendly- and you have yourself the perfect lip balm!

Angel Food Cake: Just like real angel food cake!  

Blackberry Buttercream: The name says it all, buttercream and blackberries combine to make this winning combo!

Buttery Nipple: NEW! This one smells just like the shot! Butterscotch, Irish Cream, & Rum.

Cat Pee: NEW! A funny name- but a yummy blend of pink grapefruit, orange, & lime.

Cinnamon Roll: Cake, Cinnamon,  and Creamy Vanilla make up our version of the yummy ooey gooey cinnamon rolls you eat for breakfast! Stevia sweetened.

Dog Poop: A funny name- but a yummy blend of Caramel & Coffee. And yes, a top seller - for a reason! Your kids will love it for the name alone.

Kitty Litter Cake: NEW! Chocolate cake, vanilla cookies & pudding, and tootsie rolls all come together to make this delicious flavor with a silly name. 

Lemon Buttercream: Like the frosting -- yum!

Monkey Farts: A mix of Banana, Grapefruit, Kiwi, Bubblegum, Strawberry, & Vanilla. Another one your children will try to steal for the name!

Naughty: NEW! Blackberry-Strawberry. A limited edition holiday label lip balm! SOLD OUT

Nice: NEW! Marshmallow flavored. A limited edition holiday label lip balm!

Oreo Cheesecake: Cheesecake, Chocolate, & Vanilla Cream. What could be more perfect?

Pancakes & Syrup: Yummy buttery pancakes topped with Maple Syrup! Stevia sweetened.

Rainbow Sherbet: Vanilla Ice Cream, Raspberry, Lime, & Orange make up our version of this popular dessert! Yum!

Reindeer Poop: NEW! Brown Sugar & Cinnamon. A limited edition holiday label lip balm!

Shamrock Shake: Just like the drink. Peppermint & Vanilla Ice Cream.

Strawberry Milkshake: A delicious combo of sweet creamy vanilla ice cream & fresh tart strawberries.

Yellow Snow: NEW! Bavarian Cream flavored. A limited edition holiday label lip balm!

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