• Manufactured by: Villainess

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Colour: Swirled layers topped with shimmer gold.

Distinguishing Features: Absolutely smooth, sheer, silken lather.

Characteristic Scent: Big white blossoms - pikaki, tuberose, lily and narcissus - honeyed with sweet Hawaiian ginger. A Soap Box Company exclusive fragrance by Villainess

Villainess original soap in all its luxurious lather is bound to transform your daily ablutions from a task into a treat. This formula is an indulgent blend of delicate vegetable oils, and exotic unrefined butters. We've taken the luxury a step further with gratuitous additions like Chocolate, Tussah Noil "Peace" Silk, Honey, Cucumber, Volcanic Clay, and a wealth of organic goodies.

Ingredients: palm oil, rice bran oil, water, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, fragrance, castor oil, shea butter, mango seed butter, ultramarine, silk, mica (and) titanium dioxide (and) iron oxide.

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