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So here are you, and here am I,
Where we may thank our gods to be;
Above the earth, beneath the sky,
Naked souls alive and free.
The autumn wind goes rustling by
And stirs the stubble at our feet;
Out of the west it whispering blows,
Stops to caress and onward goes,
Bringing its earthy odours sweet.
See with what pride the the setting sun
Kinglike in gold and purple dies,
And like a robe of rainbow spun
Tinges the earth with shades divine.
That mystic light is in your eyes
And ever in your heart will shine.
 -- George Orwell

Freshly baked honeycakes, autumn beeswax, gleanings from ripened grainfields, and newly harvested fruits lightly spiced with nutmeg, ginger, and golden cloves.

Halloween 2017 limited edition, available only while supplies last. Clear glass bottle with stainless steel rollerball.


What buyers are saying:


Perfect fall scent, a dusting of spices with warm honeycakes, and a dash of Autumn magic…


I really like this one and I'm excited to see how it will age. Right now it's very heavy on the ginger and nutmeg as well as the sweetness from the honey. I think this will be great when the weather is finally cooler. ETA: This is starting to change, wow is it heavy on the honey now. It lasts all day and is so easy to wear. I love honey scents and with the spices it's just wonderful.


An intruguing [sp] autumn-late summer scent that smells mouth watering delicious! The sweet honey and warm ginger & nutmeg is wonderful!

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