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"Now in the reeds [her] face looks white
As witch-down on a witches' night;
Now through the dark old haunted mill,
So eerily, so eerily,
[S]he flits; and with a whippoorwill
Mouth calls, and seems to syllable,
'Come follow me! Come follow me!"
 -- Madison Julius Cawein


A spellbinding captivation of Egyptian white amber, star jasmine, ambrette seed, rosewater Turkish delight, pink pepper, Madagascar vanilla, bourbon caramels, aged patchouli infused with sexy botanical pheromones. 


Halloween 2017 limited edition, available only while supplies last. Packaged in convenient rollerball bottle with stainless steel ball.


What customers are saying:


It is not a mere scent, it is basically a work of art. All the notes go so well together, and this perfume has so many different layers...sweet, haunting and bewitching! 


Whoa... this is like sex in a bottle. 


Mysterious, darkly beautiful, and flirtatious scent that will bewitch the wearer and those close to her!! Beautiful!!

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