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Courtesans were more often than not well-educated and fiercely independent artistic women who were provided luxuries and status by powerful, wealthy, upper-class society men (and sometimes other women) in exchange for their beauty, artistry, companionship, witty conversational skills, social graces, astute intelligence, common-sense wisdom, political savvy, and of course, fabulous lovemaking skills. 

A sophisticated flirtation of juicy pear, peach blossom, apricot, and lychees dusted with a titillation of nutmeg on a sensual bed of warm amber, slightly narcotic white flowers, and sweet woods.

Limited edition, Autumn 2016, available while supplies last. Packaged in an amber 5 ml glass dropper bottle.


What buyers are saying:

A flirty, sugary, fruity amber scent.

Oh my....what a lovely scent. It was a blind buy and with it sounding like it was on the sweeter side, I let it rest several days before sniffing. I dabbed some on my wrists this morning and there are so many different scents I pick up as it dries down. I can't explain it but you won't be disappointed with this one.

Yum! I get compliments all the time.

I'm not normally a person who likes fruit scents but this is amazing. On the skin, floral really comes out, and 5 hours later it is still on my skin! 

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