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Based on an old hoodoo formula for Come to Me oil used to call and compel love and sexual attraction. An erotic, exotic blend of amber aged with Bourbon vanilla pods, Ceylon cinnamon infused flirtatious aldehydes, Bulgarian roses, rose geranium and vetivert roots, copper distilled patchouli, and a scattering of incense resins.

This scent just debuted Spring 2016.


In new rollerball packaging at old amber bottle pricing while we switch over!


What buyers are saying:



Soft & understated spices with a backdrop of roses. Multi-layered. Beautiful & exotic.


A new favorite. So evocative. Not delicate, not gritty -- just enchanting & perfect. This perfume is a big hit with my friends; male and female, they all want to wear it. The dry-down effect is where the real magic happens. Give it about 5-10 minutes. That's when the patchouli softens & the faint cinnamon peeks through. I think the only improvement I'd make is to layer it with another gourmand Alkemia perfume, [maybe] something with a note of almond -- it would really draw the bourbon vanilla of this fragrance out. Also, a tiny drop goes a long way. It's well-researched & does indeed smell like "magic"; there's an ancient quality to it. Love this. A lot.


This scent is sublime! Very rich and complex , cinnamon infused amber and dark rose laced with earthy patchouli. So amazing! Very long lasting and projects well. I will definitely buy more when this bottle runs out!


I love this so much, it reminds me of a rose incense but more complex. <3


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