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Soladeras were women who took up arms in the Mexican Revolution. They were praised as symbols of strength and resistance, but criticized for their sexual freedom and independence. This is a bad-ass perfume for bad-ass women who aren't afraid to take a stand in love or war. A Soap Box Company exclusive!

“You never get nothing
By being an angel child,
You better change your ways
And get real wild.

I want to tell you something
I wouldn’t tell you no lie,
Wild women are the only kind
That really get by,

‘Cause wild women don’t worry,
Wild women don’t have the blues.”

-Ida Cox (blues singer/songwriter)

A blend of commandingly sexy musks blended with Queen Elizabeth root (a hoodoo charm for strength and luck); feisty pink pepper, bay and ginger; a splash of honky-tonk ale; a fleeting kiss of tonka; and a dash of gunpowder.

5 ml. Amber Drop Bottle.


What buyers are saying:

A very unique smell... I love it!

It is different and weird in a good way. Androgynous and non-floral so a man or woman can wear this. It's bad ass, slightly boozy and gingery, but it's also wearable.

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