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This natural deodorant is not only Vegan, but it's baking soda and aluminum free formula is kind to the environment and your skin.

How it works: Unlike commercial anti-perspirants, natural deodorants do not prevent you from sweating; rather, they form a barrier on the skin which gently absorbs moisture and odor. 

To Use: Gently apply a VERY thin layer; only a little is needed. Allow to dry before dressing. If you accidentally over apply and it feels "wet", gently rub it in. If your body is used to commercial antiperspirants, you may sweat more than usual when you stop using them. This may take a few days to a few weeks to normalize.

NOTEs: During the adjustment period, you may need to reapply your natural deodorant throughout the day to avoid body odor. Please realize that this is normal, your body is adjusting to the lack of chemicals, and it doesn't mean the formula isn't working. Only Southern Belle still in stock. 

Ingredients: Castor oil, Candelilia wax, Soy wax, hemp butter, shea butter, kaolin clay, arrowroot powder, fragrance.

Southern Belle: NEW! Sweet honeysuckle enhanced with delicate tea rose.

2.5 ounce dial up container.


What buyers are saying:

This is the best deodorant I've ever used. I bought this tube out of fear that I could run out of my first tube--- I needed my backup ready! The smell is light and natural throughout the day. Will buy again!

I am a repeat customer, and I think that's the best review you can get. Love your natural deodorants!         

It smells wonderful, and it doesnt make me itch at all like other deodorants. I will be buying more!

The product is awesome! It's the best deodorant I've found that is natural.                  


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